Traditional Craft men & women in Taito city

Edo Tegaki Chochin [ Hand-Painted Paper Lanterns ]

Onda Osamu

At the "Edo hand drawing lamp Oshimaya Onda" we draw work onto lanterns called Edo hand drawn lanterns.

Although the history of lanterns is old, it dates back to the Muromachi period, but the lantern manufacturing industry and lanterns’ professionals, the division of labor has advanced. Edo hand drawing lamp Oshimaya Onda, as a professional writing of lanterns, the first year Ansei was founded in 1854.
Osamu Onda who is responsible for the production at the shop is the sixth generation.
“In the old days, including lanterns, traditional craft items were daily necessities, but now they are used in everyday life.
As the opportunity decreases, the number of craftsmen also decreases, and the more the number of creators decreases, the more the words become rare.”
The use of the Edo hand drawing lamp seems to be the most commonly used as a festival decoration and a shop’s signboard. There is demand for being given as a celebration item and as an item for homes. This is a popular item that foreigners come to see in Japan.
The most popular orders, are kanji favorites such as “family” or “love”.

Ohshimaya Onda