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Edo Tegaki Chochin [ Hand-Painted Paper Lanterns ]

Onda Shunji

The experience shop which stands just behind "Edo hand drawing lamp Oshimaya Onda" Shunji Onda of eyes.

Craftsman’s history back around 50 years. However, the work as a crafts worker is now the sixth generation in 2014 Spreading the charm of the Edo-style hand drawing lamp to many people through hands on experiences.
In the same experience laboratory, you can draw pictures and letters that are intriguing to the lanterns, and make it your own original style lanterns . The experienced participants first drafts the lantern with a pencil or the like, draws in with black ink. Dry the ink, color it, finally complete it with “bow” which will be the handle of the lantern. You can draw anything on the lantern, with letters or illustrations. It’s your own original lantern. Participants can also be children of school events such as school excursions and extracurricular activities, foreigners can also experience it.
The Edo hand drawing lamp was previously blended into life as a lighting fixture, but now it is mainly a store. It’s usual customers, orders signboards and decorations for festivals, and other gifts and interior etc.
“There will be no craftsmen, if there are no people to use. To make more people use more, new things. You can not survive unless you work on it. Do not change the posture to make faithful to the basics, according to the times, I feel the need to incorporate new ideas flexibly” Onda says.
In addition to hosting a hands-on laboratory, in 2007 Edo hand drawing lamps are registered as Tokyo designated design traditional crafts, In other words, he is really motivated to improve the value of the Edo hand drawing lamp.

Ohshimaya Onda
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