Traditional crafts in Taito city

Tokyo Ginki


Silverware has a long history in Japan and the name of the silver tableware and Liquor in the "Engi-type" (916 years) can be seen on them. It was said that silverware started to be made in earnest after silver mine was found in many areas and a new refining process was gotten from westerners in Muromachi era.
And in the Edo period, it was found that even among townspeople, silverwares and silver tools were used widely. Tokyo (in particular, Taito-ward) is a main producing center at present, and(1) hammering (2) metal engraving(3) techniques such as setsukan, and other various things are made.
① "Hammering"-a technique of hitting with a hammer, molding and embossing the surface with the pattern by a hammer and a cold chisel.
② "Metal engraving"- a technique which carves and decorates the surface of the material by a cold chisel
③ "Kiribame"- a technique which clips a part with a design, puts different metal in it and then decorated.

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