Traditional crafts in Taito city

Tokyo Uchihamono

Hand-Forged Blades

According to the "Chronicles of Japan", the beginning of smithery in Japan was when smithery artisans were invited from Shiragi at the time of emperor Bitatsu (583). As the warrior class rose after that, sword craftsmen appeared, and the techniques were also improved, and a distinctive technique to which Japan is peculiar started afterwards. It is Chakudo-ho, a method of wearing steel made of soft iron blades of steel, a Dead on steel law, soft and sharp cutting edge of sharp blades.
In the middle term of Edo period, people who concentrated on making tools necessary for day to day living using swordsmith technology appeared. In addition, in the 4th year of the Meiji period (1872), from the impact of civilization [ Bunmei Kaika ], the ordinance [ Sword prohibition ] and the samurais, most craftsmen started making cutleries for business and homes.