Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center

Announcement of temporary closing
by renovation work of Traditional Craft Center

Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center will renew the exterior, interior, exhibition etc. so that the attraction of traditional craft in Taito Ward can be disseminated to more people.
Along with construction, we will close it during the period from May 7, 2018 (Monday, 2018 to March 31, 2019) We appreciate your understanding but we appreciate your cooperation.

Taito Ward Office Cultural Industry Tourism Division Industry Promotion Division Traditional Craftsman
Phone 03-5246-1131

※ The photograph is the appearance image after renewal

Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center
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Already in the Edo period (17th to mid 19th centuries), Taito thrived as a city of commons, who created much of the Edo culture. Today, Taito-ku (the City of Taito) still is home to numerous historic sites, such as Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples dating back to the period, and many more. The City also accommodates commons who are dashing and stylish following the aesthetics of Edo commons and nurtures Traditional Crafts developed by craftspeople over the past centuries. "Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center" is where you can experience and appreciate treasures of Traditional Crafts of the Shitamachi (lower city) area of Edo, created and developed by generations of craftspeople who worked in the area's history and culture. The Museum is intended to stimulate your interest in and appreciation of those Traditional Crafts. In addition, the Museum hopes you will cherish some of such crafts in your everyday life.


Every Satu rday and Sunday, some arti sts of traditional crafts demonstrate their arts and techniques.
-Video shows
At the Museum, you can watch some DVD recordings of Traditional Crafts.
-Souve11irs for sale
For sale are works of Traditional Crafts made by craft artists of Taito.
Some 400 works of Traditional Crafts, collected from some 50 kinds of art, are on display.

Guide to Events

Every Saturday and Sunday, some artists of Traditional Crafts demonstrate,right before your eyes,how they create theiT works.
2.Handicraft classes
A craft artist teaches ABC's of his /her Traditional Craft in a class of beginners. An application is required in advance.(Six cl asses or so are held each year.)
3.Special Exhbition
Focusing on one category of craft industry, the skills of craftsmen or their attachment to the quality are introduced in detail.
4.Auctions of Traditional Craft works
The Museum holds an auction of Traditional Craft works, twice a year or so. During an auction period,the works for sale in the auction are displayed at the Museum.
Those works are created by craft artists of many different kinds.

22-13, Asakusa 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo Tei.OJ-3842-1990
Business hour:s 10:00am-8:00pm, Opens Every Day, Free Admisson
· 3min. walk from Asakusa 3-chome Bus Stop [Toei Metoro. Bus)
· 4min. walk from Asakusa Sta. ~Ts u ku ba express)
· walk from Asakusa Sta. Toei Asakusa/Ginza Subway Line)
· 15min. walk from Asakusa Sta. Tabu Railway)
· 15min. walk from Tawaramachi Sta. [Ginza Subway Line)