Edo Taito Traditional Crafts Center

Starting with Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa and kanei-ji Temple in Ueno, the current Taito-ku, which has been in full swing as a temple town, has reorganized the city area of Edo, and many craftsmen began to gather here. Asakusa flourished as a premiere place together with Okuyama in Senso-ji Temple in Edo by moving Yuri "Yoshihara", Kabuki and the theater of the Japanese puppet show to Asakusa. The supply of manpower and goods has increased and skills of craftsmen have come to be required in various situations. Under such historical background, many craftsmen gathers in Taito-ku and they inherits traditional technique until now and continues activities.
The Edo Taito Traditional Craft Center has been reopened in March 2019 with a large display and an on-site exhibition commentary compatible with a smartphone, so that traditional crafts can be widely introduced to more people in Japan and abroad. We regularly display about 250 items in about 50 industries, including Edo Sudare, Tokyo Kiri Tansu and Edo Sashimono.

Meeting with craftsmen "Takumi Workshop"
A skilled artisan will provide demonstrations primarily for reserved groups, such as those on field trips. We also conduct demonstrations periodically, so please check our website (Event & News) before visiting.

Learn "Special Exhibition"
We introduce in detail about the industry and perform exhibition along theme. You can see the manufacturing process of crafts, materials and real tools, etc used by craftsman.

Use “Auction"
Sell some of the exhibits. You can bid the amount of money during the exhibition period, and a person who bit highest price can purchase it.

Address:22-13, Asakusa 2-chome, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Business hour:10:00am-6:00pm
Regular holiday: every 2nd and 4th Tuesday
※When the day concerned is a holiday, the next day
※There is change of opening day, opening time by circumstances
Traffic access:
· 2 min. walk from Toei bus "Oku Asakusa"
· 5 min. walk from Tsukuba Express Line “Asakusa Station”
· 15 min. walk from Toei Subway Asakusa Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Tobu Line "Asakusa Station"
· 5 min. walk from East and West Megurin bus “Tsukuba Express Asakusa Station”
· 12 min. walk from South Megurin bus “Asakusa Kikusui Street”