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The trial lesson of Tokyo silverware

Nisshin Kikinzoku
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I joined a trial lesson of original handmade ring which is held by Nisshin Kikinzoku. Their skills were succeed from end of Edo generation. I joined an intermediate class.

 The teacher is Mr. Kamikawa Yoshitsugu.  Mr. Kamikawa’s father is a direct successor (11th generation) to Mr. Hirata Zennojo who is a master craftsman in the end of Edo.


 At first, he gave me a description of the ring he told me that a ring has various power depends on fingers. ‘’ Keep the faith’’ on the thumb, ‘’ an intention and development’’ on the first finger. The meaning will be changed right hand or left one. I chose first finger of the right hand is good for concentration and an ability of taking action.


 Finally, let’s start to make a ring. At first, find a size with ‘’ ring gauge’’.

 Next, choose the type of pattern. You have two choices that Gozame pattern which has modest luster and popular from tourists because it looks very Japanese or Tsuchime pattern which is very shiny because it is clanged with hammer. I chose Tsuchime one at this time.


 You can decide from samples. Gozame has stripe design and Tsuchime has uneven surface.



 After learning how to use the hammer, now here goes the main part!


 I got a prepared silver ring shaped material and stick into ‘’ring gauge stick’’ that carved scale of ring size. We need to clang and roll out the silver ring so I chose smaller one than the one that I selected first. Clang it and roll out to scale of my ring size.

 Hold a hammer on my dominant hand and hold a ring gauge stick on the other hand. Let’s clang it while twirling a stick. This is a different part with the beginner class. They clang on the silver plate at table.


Just keep on clanging.

 It is difficult to make a timely twirling the ring gauge at first time. But you will get used to it. I was afraid that hitting my finger by a hammer but surprisingly, there is no one did it.

 When you got scale of your size, you will have he remove green part of ring.

 It formed when processing materials. It is called ‘’Bari’’.

 This is a process to remove it.

 It takes a time if you don’t have skills because ring is very small. So Mr. Kamikawa did it for me!


 The finishing touches of removing Bari, make it smoothly with a grinder.

 After that, I put on gloves to not get rough hands and I polished it with abrasives and a cloth.


 The cloth got very dirty but the ring is shining! The more you polish it, the more it get shine.


I polished outside and inside elaborately.

 At last, wipe up the abrasives with new cloth and polish it for finishing touches.


 I have done! I satisfied with my ring!

‘’I can feel your kindness by uneven surface.’’ He praised me!

There are differences that a thickness and luster between the silver material before clanging and a finished ring.


At last, you can put into case and box and take it home.


You can make only one ring in the world because the pressure will be changed depends on persons.

It will be fun to show each other with friends!


The trial lesson fee

Beginner course・making a book mark: 3,000yen (student: 2,000yen)

Intermediate course・making original handmade ring: 5,000yen (student: 3,000yen)

Advanced course・making silver sake cup: 30,400yen(student also same )

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